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About us

Quality and personalized service

CALADA is an open end spinning system mill dedicated to the manufacture of yarns of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers and their blends. We have a total area of 6,000 m2 and a production capacity of 1.500 tonnes per year. Our machines are of the next-generation fully automated and with comprehensive quality control system. We are present in the market since 1987 and our sales are directed both at the national and international market. Our yarns are aimed both to manufacturers of knitwear on circular or flat knitting machines and for weaving.


With our yarns are produced fabrics for clothes to dress, ready fashion, sportswear, socks, filters, interlinings, upholstery, curtains, fabric for garden furniture, accessories such as scarves, ribbons and others.

Grants and certificates​

We adapt to the needs of the customer with a personalized service, a quality product with a range of colors and blends to satisfy the customer.

Grants and certificates

Recently, we have received a state grant for an energy saving and efficiency project.

(recycled yarn)